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Download .Torrent

Hm… well, I think this stuff is too early (considering there is no definition or basic concept of .torrent) and too novice (considering how actually basic it is in computer knowledge) to be published but I believe someone will need it in somewhere.

Ok, let’s start

To install .torrent file do steps below :

  • download and install torrent client. U can get torrent client from http://www.utorrent.com/ or other sites you preferred.
  • after installing torrent client, get one of torrent file you want.
  • The easiest way to get it, just go to search inputbox in your torrent client and type part of the interesting name u wanna. It is usually linked to http://search.utorrent.com.
  • the result will appear immediately to you, but it is regarding your network bandwidth, cmiiw.
  • choose interesting file/files to you and then click download
  • it will download .torrent file from that url, place downloaded file to your preferred path of your computer
  • add .torrent file to your torrent client
  • there will be list of files that are included in .torrent file
  • just download that files

If u wanna know more about torrent, click here ….

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