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Why cold make us wanna pee

March 13, 2011
take a pee

take a pee

When cold comes due to continuous rain or excessive use of air coolers, more people frequently go to the bathroom. Why when it is cold people become wanna pee more frequently?

In the weather or a cold environment, the human body tends not to spend a lot of sweat. Though the body needs a to out other liquids in order to make the amount of fluid in the body remains normal, one way to do that is with releasing fluids from body through urine.

“In the past, the experts often ignore this problem, but now we are giving more attention and trying to see what really happened,” said Dr. Pablo Gomery, an urologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, as quoted by The Boston Globe, Monday (16 / 11/2009).

Gomery adds cold triggers an increase in sensory urgency (urgent), but this does not mean the person is experiencing incontinence (people who can not hold pee). In certain circumstances a person may experience a sense of great urgency, such as cold.

A study conducted by researchers from the Whittington Hospital in London studied nearly 2,000 men and women about the increased sense of urgency. It is found that certain conditions such as fatigue, worry, water and cold could increase the risk of incontinence urgency that causes people to more frequently to the bathroom.

“Another study showed us that cold weather or environments can causes the bladder muscle to excess activity (overactivity),” as said by Dr. Michael O’Leary, a urologic surgeon at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Another thing that allegedly could be the cause of more frequent pee is too long exposed to cold air that causes reduced blood flow to the skin surface that causing constriction of blood vessels. It inhibits the release of bodily fluids, so that the body responds it indirectly by releasing fluid through the urine or frequent pee.

People who often pee in the cold is a natural thing like the number of sweat that comes out when in the hot air. The important thing is people should still consume enough water to replace the amount of fluid that comes out through the urine to avoid dehydration.

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