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How to manually detect viruses on your computer



As people who have a computer, the virus is a necessity. “if you do not want exposed to the virus, turn off the computer and then buried it in the ground”, as noted by one expert on computer viruses and computer.

Nowadays, There are many anti-virus software on the internet, either paid or free. We just need to install and scan your computer to eradicate the virus. So, how if we want to check whether our computer is infected by virus without using anti virus. The following things can be do :

check process log (alt+ctrl+del)
check and watch whether CPU or memory increasing whereas there is no new program is running

check your flash disk
plug-in your flash disk and check whether there are suspicious file (for example : shorcut, whereas we never create it)

Run regedit and msconfig
Virus often attack system registry or system file so we can’t run both or either of it

Show hidden file
Try to mark show hidden files and uncheck hide operating system file. virus often disable that option of view

Turn on firewall
If it is fail, or suddenly turn off..it must be virus in your computer

After all the above process can be done, then for the protection do the following step :
Turn off usb ports
Set password on bios
Install the reliable anti-virus and do the enable protection

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