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How to disable regedit on windows xp

Regedit or Registry Editor in Windows has the function to view, create or modify registry in Windows. Well, because of its function, sometimes it is abused by people or users as intruder to endanger the system registry on our computer. Here we will provide on how to disable regedit so that not everyone can modify it.

Here is the steps to do that

  1. Click Start> Run> then type gpedit.msc and press Enter so it will appear the windows Group Policy Editor
  2. Click User Configuration> Administrative Templates> System, it looks like below :
  3. regedit


  4. Select and double-click Prevent access to registry editing tools, then appear dialog box as below :
  5. regedit1


  6. Select “enabled” on the options
  7. select “yes” on “disable regedit from editing tools?”
  8. Click OK or Apply
  9. Close the window gpedit

Now, whenever user try to access  regedit, it will display a warning like below



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