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How to recover ms.word file

Have we ever been in situation where our ms.word file damaged or corrupted so that we can’t open it normally?. This can be happened because of failure in Windows or MS Word that caused by interruption due to the voltage up and down or shutdown suddenly before we have time to save our document.

If that ever been happened to us, of course we were very annoyed whereas we’ve typed it hardly. However, now, we don’t have to worry anymore because we can use the freeware “WordRepair”. With that freeware, we can repair the corrupted word file and saved into a document format as *. rtf.

This freeware supports for Microsoft Word 6.0, MS Word 95, MS Word 97, MS 2000, MS XP, and MS 2003. For those who has MS Word 2007 is no longer need this freeware because it has included this feature.

This freeware is portable application that after we have successfully downloaded it, we can directly run it by clicking  without having it istalled first, so it is suitable if we are mobile. To get it please download here.

The steps to repair the corrupted word file is as follows :

  1. Run WordRepair
  2. Click Repair/Open to open a word file that will be corrected
  3. Click on Save and save it in *. rtf format
Word Repair

Word Repair

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