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How to download youtube videos using keepvid

Who is not familiar with YouTube, the most famous video streaming site in the world. Everyone that always using internet almost certainly familiar with these Youtube. We can see the various videos that are sent (uploaded) by users from all over the world, that consist of comedy, art, horror,  etc.

To enjoy these streaming videos from Youtube, we need the good internet connection or faster. With a slow internet connection, we will find a video display discontinuous and frequently stop or pause due to the buffering process. It will reduce our comfort in enjoying the video and also it will spend a lot of time to enjoy just one video.

Therefore, if we don’t have a good internet connection, we can try to download it first on our local computer  and then  enjoy it offline without having disturbed by that intermittent

In order to do that, we can try to use the assistance or services that offered by many sites on the internet. One site that provides a service for that purpose is KEEPVID.COM. With these services, we can download videos from Youtube to create a collection of interesting videos from all over the world

To download Youtube videos using KEEPVID.COM, the steps are as follows :

  1. go to http://www.youtube.com/ and then select the video that we want to download
  2. Right click on the video link and then select Copy Destination Location/(Copy Link Location)
  3. youtube


  4. go to http://keepvid.com then paste the URL on the textbox provided
  5. click download button
  6. downloadyoutube1

  7. We will find two choices of video formats, Low Quality in *. flv format and High Quality in MP4 format. If we choose the first option we will get low quality video but with a smaller file capacity. But if we choose the second option, we will get the video for better quality but with a larger capacity files
  8. downloadyoutube2

  9. Click the link option that is selected then navigate to the folder where you want to save the video
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