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How to reset administrator password on windows

when sometime we forget our password in windows (xp, vista or 7), it does not really matter, because it still can be reset using an administrator account, but if an administrator password is forgotten, it is really a problem because it can not be reset using a user account.

There are alternative way to do when we forget the administrator password before using the last effort of “reinstall windows”, it is is reset the password using “Windows Change Password”. Here are the steps we need to do :

  1. Download the software, the size is about 3.6 MB, (it is support for windows xp, windows vista and 7)
  2. Extract the file, there is an iso file (cd080802.iso) inside ,
  3. Copy (burn) to that file to a blank CD using burning software like Nero, Roxio, etc.
  4. Select the option Burn image to disc (nero)
  5. Boot the computer using the CD that we have created (make sure that the first boot sequence is set to cdrom)
  6. Type enter, here is the display
first menu

first menu

  1. Type ente.
  1. Choose the partition where Windows is installed, or directly Hit Enter


  1. Choose the windows registry directory, or directly Hit Enter
  1. Press Enter on Options: Reset Password
Reset Password

Reset Password

  1. Press Enter (User data and Password)
  2. Press the Enter (option: an administrator account)
  3. Type 1 and press Enter (select clear/blank password)
blank password

blank password

  1. Type ! (exclamation point) and press Enter (to exit)


  1. Type q and press Enter (to exit)
  2. Type y and press Enter to save


  1. Type n and press enter to exit


  1. Remove the CD, press the Control + Alt + Del to Reboot computer

Administrator account currently does not use a password (blank)

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