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How to install bbm on Android Emulator

October 28, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments
install bbm on emulator

install bbm on emulator

Below are the steps to install bbm (blackberry messenger) on Android Emulator :

  1. Download and install Android SDK from developer.android.com/sdk/
  2. Include path of /platform-tools folder in SDK installation folder in My Computer > right click > Advanced Tab > Environmental Variables button > System Variables > Path variable
  3. Now the SDK is installed, we have to run emulator and install the application
  4. Execute AVD Manager.exe file.
  5. Choose one of your Android Virtual Device and klik Start..
  6. Download bbm apk file from dropbox and place it file in /platform-tools
  7. Run cmd and go to /platform-tools folder
  8. Type “adb -e install com.bbm-2.apk”, then press return

That’s it the way to install bbm on android emulator, it is very useful for someone who has android gingerbread os and below.

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