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How to avoid nightmare

March 10, 2011 1 comment

Are you a kind of people who often have nightmares? it is very frustrating if this continues to happen to us, whereas we need to sleep soundly. Well, actually nightmare can be avoided.

Nightmares often caused by events that could make us a trauma, such as losing a loved one or stress. As it is mentioned earlier, the nightmare can be avoided, how? follow these tips:

Relax Before Sleep
Take a bath with a warm water, drink herbal tea or by doing light stretching.

Clear your Mind
Clear yourself from thoughts and worry before sleep, Make a list of problems that you have faced and solved and See the list for the next day

Never watched the horror movie or a show of violence before going sleep
This is to avoid those things recorded in your mind and carry over until you sleep

Drinking Milk and Yoghurt
Both milk and yogurt both containing calcium and tryptophan which can provide relaxing effect

Avoid fatty foods and spicy
Consuming these foods before sleep can cause abdominal and abdominal pain. This does not make you feel comfort during sleep then it will make you get a nightmare.

Avoid cigarettes and drugs
Nicotine cause insomnia, beside you have to stop using drugs that doesn’t have an impact on health and consciousness

Create the list of nightmare
Make a list of nightmares that you had experienced in the last time, then relate it with the life that you before looking for the solution

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