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How to create bootable usb drive in windows 7

May 31, 2011 2 comments
usb windows

usb windows

USB (Universal Serial Bus) drive has become a device that is used for backup data and shifting function floppy disks, CDs and ZIP disks. USB drives are not only cheap but also very practical, resilient, and can have a large storage capacity. To anticipate booting problem, we should have a bootable disk. Bootable disk can help us when we have inability to access the computer because of boot problems. By using a bootable USB drive, we can solve boot problems more quickly.

Here are the steps to create a bootable USB drive:
1. Insert your USB drive into one USB port on your computer
2. Click “Start “button at the bottom left on your computer screen
3. Type “cmd” in “Run” window to open a command prompt
4. Type “parts disk” into command prompt and press Enter.
5. Type “list disk” and press Enter again
6. Determine which of the displayed list that is a USB drive. (For example, if you have 4GB USB drive, then the number with 4GB size that you need to see). Record the number that identifies your USB drive.
7. Type the following command into the command prompt to format on a USB drive

  • “Select the disk <A>,” replace “<A>” with the number you get in step 5 earlier. Press Enter
  • “Clean.” Press Enter
  • “Create Partition Memory.” Press “Enter.”
  • “Select Partition A.” Press “Enter.”
  • “Format FS=NTFS.” Press Enter.”
  • “Assign.” Press “Enter.”
  • “Exit.” Press “Enter.”

8. Insert the installation CD of Windows XP or Vista. Your computer will read the installation CD, and a window will appear on the screen that lists of all drives. Look for the letters that symbolize the CD-ROM and USB drive.
9. Type the following command into the command prompt

  • “<B:> CD boot,” replace “<B>” with the letter of the CD-ROM. Press “Enter”
  • “CD boot.” Press “Enter.”
  • “Bootsect.exe/NT60 <C:>,” replace “<C>” with the letter of the USB Drive. Press “Enter.”

10. Copy the boot information from the installation CD to a USB drive by entering the following command into the command prompt:

  • “xcopy <C:> *.* / s / e / f <B:> /”, replace “<B>” with the letter of the CD-ROM and replace “<C>” with the letter of a USB drive. Press “Enter.”

11. The steps is done. Unplug the USB drive from the USB port, replace the lid, and give the label “bootable”. Remove your Windows installation CD

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